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Maldives is known for its lovely coral islands, balmy tropical weather and warm sunny days. The healthful environment of the Maldives makes it an ideal spa holiday destination. Come and rejuvenate yourself on spa holidays in the Maldives.
Many of the beach resorts in the Maldives have world-class spa facilities and offer a complete range of body rejuvenation treatments. You can relax, rejuvenate, and refresh your body with the international variety of spa treatments on offer while on spa holidays in the Maldives.
The serene environment, the clear air, the refreshing sea breeze and the healing touch of well-trained spa therapists are sure to revive your body mind and soul on spa holidays in the Maldives. Wake up to the sound of sea birds, spend a day at a spa undergoing a range of rejuvenating therapies and relax on the beach in the evening as the sun slips below the horizon and feel your cares melt away. You're sure to find, peace of mind and a younger fitter body after spa holidays in Maldives.
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Imagine a floating palace where the pleasures are unmatched. Where royalty is known to stroll on gleaming teak decks while savoring the earth's most dramatic panoramas. All these dreams can be true with cruise or sail around in Maldives. It give you the chance that cannot get in anywhere else. To see many of the 1,200 beautiful islands of the Maldives, and cherishing firsthand some of the worlds greatest dive sites.
Believe or not, cruise is the best way of really appreciating the unique beauty of the Maldives, 99% of which is water. We offer you several possibilities. You may choose between a diving safari and a relaxing cruise through the atolls, which lets you be in total harmony with nature as your boat winds its way through the multitude of islands.

Most of the vessels are equipped with modern diving equipments and staffed by qualified diving instructors. While some vessels offer standard accommodation and facilities, others offer luxury accommodation with all the modern amenities.

A safari makes it possible for you to sample many varied dive sites at different atolls and locations and present you with the chance to sample island life, visit virgin uninhabited islands and appreciate the unique beauty of different resort islands

From the list right you can view a comprehensive guide of safari list. The difference between each one would be the size & how luxury it is. Please let us know your inquiry via the booking form of the vessel.
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Maldives with its beautiful coral islands, sunny beaches and tranquil and peaceful environment is a great place for a romantic vacation. More and more couples are nowadays coming to this country for a grand holiday. Because of this reason, one can find numerous honeymoon resorts in the country

Maldives Honeymoon Resorts are equipped with all the features that makes your Honeymoon special in all ways. The services rendered, the food offered, the hotel amenities and various entertainment options available in these resorts allow the couples to have a great time and enjoy their vacation in a grand fashion.

The various honeymoon resorts have all the luxuries that one can find in any other luxury resort. The rooms are spacious and are equipped with a huge comfortable king sized beds. The rooms are decorated with flowers and vases. The rooms are specially designed for the couples on their honeymoon. Most of the rooms have private balconies from where you can watch the setting sun with your beloved one. The rooms have luxurious attached bathrooms with bathtubs and shower facility.

Most of the honeymoon resorts are located on or near the beach. This allows the couples to go for a walk on the beach or simply sit in the shade of the huge coconut trees and share a quiet and romantic moment with one another. Couples can also go for a number of water-based activities like scuba diving, sailing or snorkeling. These honeymoon resorts have all the facilities that allow one tom embark upon such activities.

The resorts also organize dinner parties for the honeymoon couples. Candle lit dinners are extremely common in these resorts. Besides, musical performances are also held for the entertainment of the guests. Jazz music performances are held and ball dance parties are often organized.

These resorts also have special honeymoon packages for the couples. Often one can find special spa packages for couples or island tour packages for the couples. The Maldives Honeymoon Resorts are designed to make your holiday a grand and romantic experience. Every service rendered and the facilities offered will surely make your honeymoon a magical experience.
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